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UCL Debating Society are incredibly proud of our achievements at competitions and have enjoyed success year on year. Below summarises some of the best moments of the 2022/23 season alone!


LSE Open

Trinity IV

Manchester Novices

Indonesia Pro-Am

Manchester IV

Oxford IV


Liverpool IV

Cambridge IV

Imperial Novices

UCL President's Cup

Southampton Open

One of the most competitive tournaments in the calendar and unsurprisingly we were up to the challenge!

Umar and Stella once again broke in the pro category and both our pro-am teams (Mateusz & Aleksandra and Nav & Rick) got pro-am breaks and Mateusz, Nav and Rick were in the top 10 novice speakers!

Leauren of course broke as a judge!

Two of our teams - Nav & Hamza, Leauren & Roy - broke into the Pro-Am Finals, and Umar broke into the Open Finals and was the 3rd best speaker!
Hamza was the 2nd best ESL speaker, while Zoe and Roy made it to the top 10 novice speakers.
Finally, Christian concluded this fantastic weekend by breaking as a judge and panelling the Semi-Finals. 

Two of our most experienced and elite debaters, Umar and Stella both made it into the top 20 speakers and made it all the way to the Semi-Finals!

Our Novice team Ange and Nav made it to the Novice final while Stella was the 5th best novice speaker!

Santi⁩ got to the Silver Finals and Edwin got to the Gold Finals of the tournament!! Both were also amongst the 6 highest ranking teams!

Umar⁩ and Stella reached the Open Semi Finals, with Umar ranking as the 9th overall best speaker, and Stella ranking as the 4th best novice speaker!

Rick ranked as the 6th Best Novice speaker as well!

Hamza and Roy made it to the ESL Final and broke fifth in the ESL category.

Three of our best judges broke as adjudicators.  Umar chaired the Quarter Final and was on the Grand Final panel, and Leauren panelled the Quarter Final.

Manav & Claudia reached the Silver Finals and both ranked among the top 10 - Manav ranked 5th and Claudia ranked 9th out of 70 speakers!

Congrats also to Conor who judged the non-schools finals!

Michelle & Hannah-Mae and Yiran & Chen broke to the semi-finals and Amina and Tiffany broke to the non-schools final.

Conor, Leauren and George-Hakon all broke as judges!

Showing our strength on the international stage, Judah and Ange claimed first place with an undefeated run. Ange was the first place novice speaker and Judah was the first placed Pro!

Major International acheivements

Along with our presence at competitions throughout the season, UCL Debating Society have historically experienced success on the international stage with several achievements at the highest level with breaks at the World University Debating Championship (WUDC) and the European University Debating Championship (EUDC). 

WUDC Belgrade 2022

Judah Purwanto and Igor Pembenton reached the partial octo doubles

Pan African Universities Debating Championships 2022

Umar Buckus was the Deputy Chief Adjudicator

WUDC Korea 2021

Josh Freeman and Tom Robinson reached the open semi-finals

Leauren Ji broke as a judge

EUDC Astana 2020

Former UCL Debating society President Edith Chow broke as a judge

EUDC Athens 2019

Neo Wei Sheng and Francesca Reynolds reached the open quarter-finals

Eve Colyer broke as a judge

Manca and Leauren broke to the Silver Final and Judah won the Gold Final, finishing as the competition's best speaker!

Hamza and Rick broke to the Silver Final and Lisa won the Silver Final with an external partner!

Hamza made it to the top 10 open speakers and Rick was the 3rd best novice speaker! 

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