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School Programmes

For many years, UCL Debating Society’s schools work has been at the heart of what we do. We run workshops to kick start involvement in debating and public speaking and to give members of our own society the chance to work with the local community through teaching, judging and mentoring. We are always eager to partner with organizations and schools to deliver the best debating experience to youth of all backgrounds.


Our exciting "introduction to debating" workshops have a high attendance record and leave students with a solid understanding of public speaking and debating. Many of our university debaters are very experienced and are therefore well equipped to teach debating to students.

We are always interested in working with more schools and are open to new ideas. If you are interested, please contact us!

School Competitions

UCL Schools Competition

Every year we host a Schools Cup, a British Parliamentary style debating competition specifically for young debaters from anywhere in the world. Schools are welcome to submit a maximum of four teams, each composed of two students! The age range of the competition is targeted towards A-level students.


Our schools competition is open to students even if they do not have any previous experience of competitive or British Parliamentary style debating. As one of London’s biggest Schools debating tournaments, the UCL Schools tournament promises to be an exciting one, with excellent judging, fantastic motions, and meals and refreshments provided.

*Details regarding the registration fee and itinerary will be announced soon!

UCL Juniors

Every year we host a Junior competition for under 16s. This is a great opportunity for lower school students to practice debating skills in a formal competition and for university judges to gain experience in a less pressured environment.

*Details regarding the registration fee and itinerary will be announced soon!

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