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Public Debates

Mondays, 7pm - 9pm

We host public debates – open to members and non-members alike – that cover a range of topical and controversial issues. We invite four expert speakers – ranging from MPs and diplomats to professors, researchers and analysts – to either argue in support (proposition) of the motion or against it (opposition).


Before they close their arguments members of the audience are invited to speak themselves, either in support of one side of the argument, or in abstention, meaning they agree with neither side. Therefore this is by no means a lecture, but rather an opportunity for people to really get to the root of issues, and challenge speakers on their opinions.

Attendees are welcomed to join us to a social event right after the debate at a local bar with our invited speakers for a chat about the debate that commenced in a less formal setting!

Past Public Debates

Environmental Debate

Monday, 28Oct 2019 at 7pm

THW Send its Child to Private School

Monday, 7th Oct 2019 at 7pm

Should Britain Pay Reparations to its Former Colonies?

Monday, 30th Sept 2019 at 7pm

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