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UCLU Debating Society
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Welcome to UCLU Debating Society, UCL’s oldest and arguably most prestigious society. Proud to present a passionate debating environment on the foundations of free speech and critical thought, we provide a politically and religiously neutral environment to discuss world issues. We welcome anyone of any background and academic discipline: our committee and membership are diverse in culture and diverse in opinion, but we all work with a shared commitment to UCLU to accomodate anyone who wishes to become a part of the society.

Get Involved

Public Debates
A new motion, new speakers, a charged audience, and complimentary wine, every Monday evening.

Thursday Workshops
Interested in competitive debating, or just want to gain confidence and practice in public speaking? Attend our workshops every Thursday: no previous debating experience required.

Compete in the Presidents Cup, learn more about the UCL IV, and for UCL students, be a speaker for UCL at Inter-Varsity competitions across the country.

Schools Cup
Find out how to be a part of our Schools outreach programme: have us run a workshop at your school, send a team to the UCL Schools Cup in March, or become a UCL student volunteer.

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Best wishes and I hope to see you soon,

Olivia Sundberg-Diez
President of UCLU Debating Society

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Est. 1824

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